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Rlwcupdates.com is a news portal that covers the Live Stream Channels, latest news, and updates on Rugby League World Cup 2021. We have got a quality team to cover up the updated news. Let’s check out the co-founder and authors of Rlwcupdates.com below.

Our Team


Wilson is the co-founder of rlwcupdates.com. He is the head of the team and would like to write on all categories. Let’s meet all the authors of rlwcupdates.com below.



Steve deals with the Live Stream category. Steve loves to write Live coverage articles relating to Rugby League World Cup 2021.


Rosie is a sports lover and writes more on Rugby content. She also deals with Rugby League World Cup News articles in Rlwcupdates.com.


Philip always writes the latest news and cover live updates on all thing happening in Rugby League World Cup. Philip also maintains our Social media channels.


John writes about Rugby League World Cup Events and Updates. He also writes about Broadcast articles. John also keeps an eye on our entire advertisement activities.