Rugby World Cup 2023 Teams

The current 2023 Rugby World Cup is about to kick off on the 16th of October and the fans are excited about the event. The schedule is already out on the official website of RLWC 2023. Yes, it was about to happen in the year 2020 but the same was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, right now, as things have started to return back to normal, the Rugby event is likely to be back in action.

Now, speaking about the teams for the current Rugby League, there are ample teams with a good amount of firepower. The entire world’s top teams will be competing at the event and the excitement level is bound to reach a level up.

Right now, we have jotted down information on some of the better teams, one by one.

Team Information for the Rugby World Cup 2021

Right in the year 2016, England as a nation was announced as the host for the current Rugby League. Yes, there were some more bids in the process but England won the bid for hosting the event.

Moving ahead, in March 2017, the RLIF said that 8 quarter-finalists from the year 2017 World Cup will get automatic qualifications for the 2023 tournament.

Here, Seven teams will be qualified from Europe, six from Asia-Pacific, two from the Americans and 1 from the Middle East/Africa.

Further, Lebanon has gained direct qualifications which is one of the better things for the nation.


First of all speaking about the European team, England is the only team that has been guaranteed qualification.

Currently, there is one extra slot for the and the best team from Europe can fill up that slot, pretty quickly.

Additionally, while the 2018 European will see the top one team qualify for the World Cups, the other teams have also made their way.

Therefore, currently, the Top European teams that have qualified for the Rugby World are as follows:

  •         England
  •         France
  •         Wales
  •         Scotland
  •         Ireland
  •         Greece
  •         Italy

At a glance, each of the above teams are looking deadly and their team players are training to the fullest extent.

Time after time, the European teams have shown their power and in this year’s Rugby event, they will look to expand their lead, even further.


On the other hand, speaking about America’s team, their group consisted of four teams where their matches were of single elimination. Out which, Jamaica came out to be the winner of the Rugby event.

Asia Specific

Speaking about the Rugby teams for the World 2023, we cannot forget the Asia Specific teams.

In this case, the teams that are qualified for the World for Rugby are as follows:

  •         Fiji
  •         Tonga
  •         Papua New Guinea
  •         Samoa

Indeed, like all the other group stages, the Asia Specific group stage was also a competitive one. Out of which, the above top teams have come out victorious of the lot.

All in all, a total of 29 teams from 4 confederations will be taking part in this year’s Rugby World Cup.

Therefore, each of the nations is eager to win the current world cup where only the best team will win the same.

It all depends upon the level of determination and dedication each team is willing to put.

Wrapping Things Up

The quality and world-class teams for the Rugby World Cup 2023 are all mentioned above. Yes, almost all of the teams have secured their place after the qualification scenario. This clearly shows that the teams have potential and are eager to win the 2023 edition of the Rugby World Cup.

Looking at the other side and as fans, there are ample of official and other streaming options you can use for watching the matches online.

You can choose the option you like best and possibly watch the current Rugby World Cup, in a much more stress-free way. 

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