Watch Rugby World Cup 2023 Live Broadcast in UK

The current date Rugby World Cup 2023 will be the 8th edition of such a great tournament which is organized by World Rugby. Indeed, there are millions of fans all over the world who are waiting for the Rugby World Cup league.

Taking a bit on the Rugby World Cup 2023, it will comprise 24 men’s along with 16 women’s teams. The Rugby will be played at the venue and good crowd numbers are expected.

Other than that, there are people who would like to watch the Rugby World Cup 2023 from the comfort of their homes. Especially, if you are someone who lives in the United Kingdom, then you might need the best of all streaming services for watching the Rugby World Cup 2023.

With such things in place, let’s go ahead and unveil the good ways to watch Rugby World Cup 2023 live Broadcast in the United Kingdom.

Rugby World Cup 2023 Live Broadcast in UK

This will be the very first Rugby World Cup event where the women’s and men’s athletes will participate together. Yes, there will also be a wheelchair event which is another better thing.

Now, for the fans who live in the United Kingdom and are eager to watch the Rugby World Cup 2023 from their home, BBC is the first and better option for you.

Watch Rugby World Cup 2023 in UK using BBC

First of all, you must know that you need to register on the BBC website. Yes, for every new user who wants to watch sports events, they will have to register on a first and foremost basis.

Also, during the registration process of BBC, you will be asked to fill the basic details.

Once you do that, then you can go ahead and use the BBC for watching the Rugby World Cup 2023.

On top of that, with BBC, you can easily use any sort of UK based pin code for the registration process.

Talking about the quality of streaming from BBC, the same is good and you will get adequate device support for the same.

Overall, with BBC, you cannot go much wrong and it will offer you the best of all streaming, the better and more professional way.

For New Zealand, Viewers can stream Spark Sport and will have the official coverage of RLWC in 2023.

Rugby League World Cup Live Broadcast in UK

Final Word of Mouth

Summing up the article, now you can watch Rugby World Cup 2023 in the United Kingdom using the BBC application or even the website.

Rest, you can follow up with the above steps, register on BBC and effortlessly stream every single match of the Rugby World Cup, in a freewill manner.

How to Buy Tickets for Rugby World Cup 2023

The Rugby World Cup is right around the corner where the event will start from 23rd October 2023 and will end on the 27th November 2023. Indeed, there are millions of Rugby fans waiting out there who are eager to grab the tickets. Additionally, for the fans who want to watch matches from their home, different live streaming options are present for them too.

Right now, let’s not waste any time, go ahead and unveil the good ways to buy tickets for the Rugby World Cup 2023.

Information to Buy Tickets for Rugby World Cup 2023

Well, one thing you got to know is that the sales for the Rugby tickets started way back in the month of April. Yes, tons of people have already bought the tickets and are waiting for the event to begin.

Additionally, in terms of the pricing for the tickets, around 80% of tickets are priced at 50 Euros. This is something very less and is certainly good news for the fans who want to watch the Rugby World Cup.

On the other hand, for the fans who are willing to buy other high priced tickets, options are opened up for them as well.

Also, some of the best and high-quality merchandise is also launched, which is another better thing.

As per the case with the public, they can secure their seats in any one of the 61 fixtures. Yes, they have the chance to secure their seats either for the Men’s, Women’s or the Wheelchair event.

* Enter the official ticketing website for Rugby World Cup 2023 (

* Register an account with your Name, Email, Country, and Password.

* Login to your account.

* Select the matches you would like to buy tickets for.

* Click on the “Buy Tickets” link.

* Enter your payment information.

* Complete the payment and take a printout of the tickets.

Where to Purchase the Tickets for Rugby World Cup?

As the case goes for the diehard Rugby fans, they can purchase the tickets by visiting Yes, as we said above, almost all of the tickets have been sold and it will take a tough try to avail those tickets.

On the other hand, speaking about the general pricing of tickets, the price will start as low as 2.21 Euros. This is one of the most affordable ticket options that any of the Rugby fans can buy, without any problems or issues.

Therefore, for the fans who have got the ambition to buy Rugby World Cup tickets, the road is opened up for them.

With this, for each of the fans who are eager to watch the Rugby World Cup, they can easily visit the website and buy tickets, from there itself.

Final Word of Mouth

Indeed, there are tons of Rugby fans who will love to grab the event tickets. For the same, you can either go for the official website or you can either search for third-party websites. There are different third party websites that do offer tickets at an affordable rate.

Therefore, you got to try out different websites and see which will be the one that will offer you the event tickets.

After which, you can buy the tickets and watch the Rugby World Cup, right from the venue itself. 

Rugby World Cup 2023 Match Officials/Referees

The Rugby World Cup 2023 is right around the corner and the fans are waiting for the cup to start off.

There are millions of fans who are waiting for the Rugby 2023 World Cup to start. Currently, the Rugby world cup is going to be held from 15th October 2023 to 19th November 2023. Indeed, the teams and players are practising really hard to showcase their talent at the current event.

Plus, there will be 16 teams that will take an active part at the Rugby World Cup 2023.

As far as the news for referees goes, we have got that information for you as well. Come along as we unwrap each of those details, one by one.

Rugby World Cup 2023 Match Officials/Referees

For the current World Cup, there have been different referees who will be present at the Rugby World Cup 2023 which are as follows.

  1. Grant Atkins

Speaking about one of the best match officials will bring Grant Atkins into the limelight. Over the years, he has given some spectacular decisions and is even looking to take that lead further.

Atkins debuted back in the year 2009 and since then, he has become a go-to referee at the World Cups.

He is looking forward to the present Rugby matches and is willing to be a part of such an amazing event.

  1. Robert Hicks

If you are looking for a match official that can deliver one of the finest decisions, Robert Hicks is the good name. Over the years, he has gained immense popularity among the teams and will look to take further that reputation.

He is among the most renowned match official in the current era and with that, it will be a treat to watch him at the Rugby World Cup 2023.

  1. Chris Kendall

Born on 3rd June 1982, Chris Kendall is a highly rated referee who is known for his quick decision-making abilities.  Right in the year 2019, Chris had a truly breakthrough year where he was appointed as a referee in several games.

He is experienced and will look to bring the same to the table at Rugby World Cup 2023 event.

  1. Ashley Klein

Born on 6th September 1979, Ashley Klein is also a match official that is truly highly rated. His very first professional game happened on the 8th of September, 2002 from where he rose to fame. Additionally, he was also in charge at the 2008 Rugby World Cup where he gave some of the fantastic decisions.

At the present, he is looking forward to be the match referee for the Rugby World Cup 2023 games in the best possible fashion.

  1. Liam Moore

Liam Moore is among the youngest referees who will be a part of the Rugby World Cup 2023. He was a touch judge in the consecutive Coral Challenge Cup finals at Wembley 2019 and 2019.

Additionally, he has hosted several games and is looking ahead for the rugby 2023 World Cup.

  1. Gerard Sutton

Born on the 23rd of October 1978 Gerard Sutton is among the vastly experienced referees at the 2023 Rugby World Cup. He is an Australian Rugby referee who has been brought up in South Wales, Australia.

More Updates


Wrapping up the article, detailing the 2023 Rugby World Cup Match officials are all given above. Every single match referee is a better one and it will be a treat to watch them at the World Cup.

Rest, as fans, you can either choose the online or even offline streaming options and watch the Rugby World Cup 2023, from your home comfort.        

How to Watch 2023 Rugby World Cup Online From New Zealand Through Spark Sport?

The Rugby World Cup 2023 isn’t far away and the fans are eagerly waiting for the tournament to start. Yes, there are millions of fans who are waiting for the World Cup to start in full force.

Of course, people from all over the world are eager to watch the Rugby world cup and the same is the case with New Zealand.

Therefore, for each of the Rugby world cup fans who live in New Zealand, Spark Sports is the one platform who have won the bid.

As far as the event goes, it will run from October to November where the men’s, women’s & wheelchair World Cups will run over the world.

Watch Rugby World Cup from New Zealand through Spark Sport

The 2023 Rugby World Cup marks the beginning of a new era after COVID in Rugby sports. Yes, over the span of 2 years, the fans along with the players have suffered a lot due to COVID-19.

At the present date, things are looking good and with the advent of Spark Sport’s bid for the Rugby world cup in New Zealand, the people of New Zealand would be pretty happy.

More RLWC Updates

Step by Step Guide to Watch Rugby world cup through Spark Sport

First of all, before proceeding with Spark Sport, you got to know that this service is a paid one. You got to get the subscription pack of Spark Sport if you are willing to watch the Rugby world cup through Spark Sport.

  1. In the first step, you will have to visit the website of Spark Sport.
  2. Then, you will see the seven days free trial where you don’t have to pay for any subscription cost.
  3. If you are interested, you can go for the 7-Days free trial where you will have to enter your card details
  4. In the meanwhile for a period of 7-Days, you have the freedom to test each and everything about the Spark Sport application.
  5. Yes, you can test their device support and even test the streaming quality from them.
  6. Once, each of the things is in place, then you can choose Spark Sport and go ahead with their paid plans.
  7. Rest, you can browse and see if there are more valuable plans for you or not.
  8. Then, you can choose the best one and watch Rugby world cup matches in online way.

Of course, there were other streaming platforms that were in the bidding war with Spark Sport. However, it was this great platform that won the streaming rights.

Check out the Match Officials/Referees for RLWC 2023 Here.

Final Word of Mouth

The Rugby world cup is an outstanding tournament and the fans in New Zealand are eager to watch it through a good streaming platform.

For instance, we have got you Spark Sport subscription along with the guide that can help you to watch the Rugby world cup on such a good platform.

Rest, for the fans who are willing to watch matches from the venue, they can buy the match tickets and watch their favourite players take the centre stage.

Rugby World Cup 2023 Dates Confirmed

With the COVID-19 scare still in place, there have been plenty of speculations about the Rugby World cup 2023 dates. People along with news channels told their version of dates but nothing seems to be true.

Right now, the Rugby World cup organizers have confirmed the dates for the current RLWC 2023. This is something essential for the rugby fans as they have been waiting for the information to come out.

Rugby World Cup 2023 Dates Announced

The upcoming Rugby World Cup 2023 will take place from Saturday 16th October and will end on Saturday 19th November.

Plus, the current Rugby world cup will feature the men’s, women’s along with wheelchair tournaments.

This will be the first time when the three events will be held on a simultaneous basis.

As the statement goes, The dates see the tournament move one week earlier than scheduled in 2021 to maximize attendance and viewership. Work now continues to release a full revised match schedule by no later than the end of the year.”

Additionally, as planned, the great St James Park in Newcastle will host the current opening match for the Rugby World Cup.

While the men’s along with women’s finals will be held in a doubleheader clash at the Old Trafford in Manchester.

Also, the earlier starting date in 2023 of the RLWC will be in between the 2023 Commonwealth Games along with the 2023 Fifa World Cup.

This will eventually open up the doors for broadcasters who will offer streaming to a different audience. They can pair up and air all 61 games for the tournament without any sort of issues.

As the scenario for the ticket goes, it will be transferred to the fixture of the year 2023. The audiences who are eager to watch the Rugby world cup from their homes, they will have to grab the tickets at the earliest.

Yes, there will be a limited number of seats and you will have to buy tickets at the earliest.

What Organizers Said

John Dutton who is the Chief Executive of Rugby World Cup said, “I am delighted that we have been able to announce the revised dates and can now look forward to the biggest and best Rugby World Cup ever in the autumn of 2023. The continuing conversations with all our supportive hosts and venues have been hugely positive. We are confident that we can deliver a similar tournament schedule, which will be communicated as soon as possible. Obviously, we are disappointed the tournament will not be happening as originally planned but we are determined to make next year a celebration of sport, unity, people, place, and civic pride.”

On the other hand, Troy Grant who is the International Rugby chairman said, “The Rugby World Cup is the international pinnacle of our sport, and I am delighted that the new dates have been agreed meaning we can now push forward towards autumn 2023. Jon Dutton and the entire RLWC2021 team have worked tirelessly following the postponement being announced and I have total confidence that the 2023 incarnation of the tournament will be the best we have ever seen both on and off the field of play.”

Till then, as rugby fans you can wait, let the Rugby World Cup 2023 start, and then watch the same in an online and offline way. 

Rugby World Cup 2023 Venues

The time is finally coming and the Rugby world cup 2023 is just a few months away. Yes, the world cup got shifted from the 2021 year due to COVID related scenario. Still, we have entered a new year and this time, things are looking quite good. The current world cup has been organized by World Rugby and the teams will look ahead to fight with each other.

Currently, the 2023 Rugby World Cup will compromise of 16 women and 24 men’s team. Yes, it’s a massive tournament and the fans from all over the world will come together to watch the same.

Regarding the venues and much more details, we have got the information for you. Come along as we unwrap every detail, one by one.

A Glance at the Rugby World Cup 2023 Venues

Starting up with the dates for the Rugby World Cup 2023, the event will begin on the 15th of October and will end on the 27th of November 2023. Speaking about the number of nations, there will be 24 men’s nations along with 16 women’s nations who will be competing at the current world cup.

Going ahead with the venues, there will be different venues used for the current Rugby World Cup which are as follows:

Venues for the Rugby World Cup 2023

Given below is the list of venues that will be used for the 2023 Rugby World Cup:

  1. Old Trafford

Old Trafford is among the oldest and better stadiums that can host the Rugby World Cup 2023. It has got a seating capacity of 74,994 and can accommodate massive crowds at the peak time of World Cups.

  1. Emirates Stadium

Located in the heart of London, Emirates Stadium is a football stadium that has hosted different events. The venue has the capacity to hold 60, 260 people who can watch football matches in a lively manner.

  1. St James Park

The St. James Park is located in Newcastle, England and it can accommodate 52,405 crowd with ease for football watching.

  1. Elland Road

Situated in Leeds, the Elland Road can easily bring 37,890 fans together for watching the Rugby World Cup 2023.

  1. Riverside stadium

The riverside stadium has been the home ground for Middlesbrough since the year 1995. This venue has the capacity to hold 34,742 crowds with utmost ease and comfort.

  1. Bramall Lane

The Bramall lane venue has a seating capacity of 32,702 where tons of people can come together for watching the match live.

  1. MKM Stadium

For the fans who live in Hull, they can opt for the MKM stadium to watch the Rugby World Cup 2023 from the venue.

  1. Coventry Building society area

Located right in the hearts of Coventry, the Coventry Building Society area can accommodate 28,723 fans without an issue.

  1. University of Bolton stadium

With a seating capacity of 25, 586, the University of Bolton stadium can accommodate people without any stress of seating.

  1. DW Stadium

The DW stadium is located in robin park and has got a seating capacity of 25,138 people where the fans can watch Rugby World Cup 2023 with ease.

More Updates on Rugby World Cup 2023

TicketsCheck Here
TeamsGet all teams
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More UpdatesGo here

Explore other List of Rugby World Cup Stadiums

  1. Kirklees Stadium
  2. Headingley Stadium
  3. Keepmoat stadium
  4. Totally Wicked Stadium
  5. Hallwell Jones Stadium
  6. Leigh Sports Village
  7. Kingston Park
  8. York Community Stadium

Rugby World Cup 2023 Schedule With Timings

The Rugby World Cup is about to get started right from the 16th of October 2023. St James’ Park will host the opening match between England and Samoa.

Indeed, all of us knew what happened in the year 2020 when the entire world came to a halt due to the COVID pandemic. Still, in the current scenario, the Rugby world cup has been shifted this year and currently, things are looking pretty normal.

Also, there are ample Rugby fans that would have the will to know the entire schedule for the Rugby 2023 games. Keeping such things in mind, we have come up with a complete schedule for the Rugby World Cup 2023.

Hence, without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unveil the entire schedule for the Rugby World Cup 2023.

Rugby League World Cup 2022 Schedule

Rugby World Cup 2023 Schedule

We have come up with a complete schedule for the 2023 Rugby World Cup. Explore below to know your favorite matches, take by take.

Pool stage
Date Fixture Time (AEDT) Venue
Sun Oct 16 England vs Samoa 12:30am St James’ Park
Sun Oct 16 Australia vs Fiji 5:30am KCOM Stadium
Mon Oct 17 Scotland vs Italy 12:30am Kingston Park
Mon Oct 17 Jamaica vs Ireland 3am Headingley
Mon Oct 17 New Zealand vs Lebanon 5:30am Halliwell Jones Stadium
Tue Oct 18 France vs Greece 12:30am Keepmoat Stadium
Wed Oct 19 Tonga vs Papua New Guinea 5:30am Totally Wicked Stadium
Thu Oct 20 Wales vs Cook Islands 5:30am Leigh Sports Village
Sat Oct 22 Australia vs Scotland 5:30am Ricoh Arena
Sun Oct 23 Fiji vs Italy 12:30am Kingston Park
Sun Oct 23 England vs France 3am University of Bolton Stadium
Sun Oct 23 New Zealand vs Jamaica 5:30am Headingley
Mon Oct 24 Lebanon vs Ireland 1:30am Leigh Sports Village
Mon Oct 24 Samoa vs Greece 4am Keepmoat Stadium
Tue Oct 25 Tonga vs Wales 6:30am Totally Wicked Stadium
Wed Oct 26 Papua New Guinea vs Cook Islands 6:30am Halliwell Jones Stadium
Sat Oct 29 New Zealand vs Ireland 6:30am Headingley
Sun Oct 30 England vs Greece 1:30am Bramall Lane
Sun Oct 30 Fiji vs Scotland 4am Kingston Park
Sun Oct 30 Australia vs Italy 6:30am Totally Wicked Stadium
Sun Oct 30 Lebanon vs Jamaica 11pm Leigh Sports Village
Mon Nov 1 Tonga vs Cook Islands 1:30am Riverside Stadium
Mon Nov 1 Samoa vs France 4am Halliwell Jones Stadium
Tue Nov 2 Papua New Guinea vs Wales 6:30am Keepmoat Stadium

Knockout stage

Quarter finals
Date Fixture Time (AEDT) Venue
Sat Nov 5 TBC 6:30am John Smith’s Stadium
Sun Nov 6 TBC 1:30am Anfield
Sun Nov 6 TBC 6:30am KCOM Stadium
Mon Nov 7 TBC 1:30am University of Bolton Stadium
Date Fixture Time (AEDT) Venue
Sat Nov 12 TBC 6:45am Elland Road
Sun Nov 13 TBC 1:30am Emirates Stadium
Grand final
Date Fixture Time (AEDT) Venue
Sun Nov 20 TBC 4am Old Trafford

Check out full teams for Rugby World Cup 2023 here.

Final Word of Mouth

We have headed towards the ending phase of the article and the entire schedule for the Rugby World Cup is available right above. Yes, every viewer has got their favorite teams and you even have the chance to choose the same.

With this, mark the date from above schedule and as and when the matches begin, then you can watch those matches either from the venue or from anywhere else in the world. 

Top 4 VPNs To Watch Rugby World Cup 2023

The 2023 RLWC begins on Saturday, October 15, 2023, and ends with the final on Saturday, November 19, 2023.

Sixteen teams will compete from America, Asia-Pacific and Europe.

The 2023 Rugby World Cup Sevens live broadcast starts from 9th September 2023.

This event will attract a lot of sports fans. There are limited coverage partners for this sporting event.

These include Spark Sport in New Zealand and BBC in the UK. You might not be able to access the live stream if you’re not in one of these countries.

These restrictions can be addressed in this article.

Top 4 VPNs to watch Rugby World Cup – 2023

After extensive testing, we have found the following VPNs to be the best for watching RLWC 2023 Livestream from other countries. Viewers can select any of the following VPNs and connect to a server with the official channel listed and enjoy the game in HD quality.

Nord VPN

NordVPN supports the most popular platforms, including Android, iOS, macOS and Linux. In addition, SmartDNS allows you to stream video from other devices such as smart TVs or gaming consoles. However, the service does not encrypt your connection like the VPN service.

Chrome and Firefox browser extensions are available for those who enjoy streaming via the internet.

Notable Features

  • More than 5,400 servers in 60 different countries
  • HD-capable connections
  • Security and privacy protection at their best
  • Low price
  • Multi-platform support

Express VPN

The provider’s vast network of VPN servers across the globe is responsible for reliable unblocking. ExpressVPN currently has over 3,000 servers across 94 countries.

ExpressVPN’s fast connections can easily handle high-definition sports live streams. There are no bandwidth or data caps on VPN usage. This service protects your online activities by encrypting your internet connection using 256-bit encryption. In addition, ExpressVPN’s strict no logs policy and Bitcoin payment option ensures that your privacy is protected.

ExpressVPN supports all major platforms, including Android, iOS, Android TV and Windows. It also offers native apps support for Amazon Fire TV, Kindle Fire TV and Linux. In addition, Firefox, Edge, Chrome, and Chrome browser extensions are great for live streams.

Notable Points   

  • Streaming services are unblocked reliably
  • Nice server coverage
  • HD connections
  • Native app support

CyberGhost VPN

A trusted and reliable VPN service allows you to bypass restrictions and provides excellent security for your internet data and location. In addition, they offer security and access to exclusive content from other countries. However, their interface is simpler and easier to use.

Notable Points

  • Multiple countries offer streaming-optimized servers
  • High-quality connection speeds
  • Accepts Bitcoin with a strict no-logs policy
  • A kill switch protects connections 


PrivateVPN is a fast-growing VPN with over 100 servers in more than 63 countries in Asia, Europe and Africa. You also get unlimited bandwidth, speed, and excellent customer support.

Notable Points

  • Get access to sports streams from multiple countries
  • Amazing connection speeds
  • Up to 6 simultaneous connections

Also check out game 1 of RLWC 2023 between England vs Samoa match live coverage on 15th October 2023.

Rugby World Cup 2023 Teams

The current 2023 Rugby World Cup is about to kick off on the 16th of October and the fans are excited about the event. The schedule is already out on the official website of RLWC 2023. Yes, it was about to happen in the year 2020 but the same was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, right now, as things have started to return back to normal, the Rugby event is likely to be back in action.

Now, speaking about the teams for the current Rugby League, there are ample teams with a good amount of firepower. The entire world’s top teams will be competing at the event and the excitement level is bound to reach a level up.

Right now, we have jotted down information on some of the better teams, one by one.

Team Information for the Rugby World Cup 2021

Right in the year 2016, England as a nation was announced as the host for the current Rugby League. Yes, there were some more bids in the process but England won the bid for hosting the event.

Moving ahead, in March 2017, the RLIF said that 8 quarter-finalists from the year 2017 World Cup will get automatic qualifications for the 2023 tournament.

Here, Seven teams will be qualified from Europe, six from Asia-Pacific, two from the Americans and 1 from the Middle East/Africa.

Further, Lebanon has gained direct qualifications which is one of the better things for the nation.


First of all speaking about the European team, England is the only team that has been guaranteed qualification.

Currently, there is one extra slot for the and the best team from Europe can fill up that slot, pretty quickly.

Additionally, while the 2018 European will see the top one team qualify for the World Cups, the other teams have also made their way.

Therefore, currently, the Top European teams that have qualified for the Rugby World are as follows:

  •         England
  •         France
  •         Wales
  •         Scotland
  •         Ireland
  •         Greece
  •         Italy

At a glance, each of the above teams are looking deadly and their team players are training to the fullest extent.

Time after time, the European teams have shown their power and in this year’s Rugby event, they will look to expand their lead, even further.


On the other hand, speaking about America’s team, their group consisted of four teams where their matches were of single elimination. Out which, Jamaica came out to be the winner of the Rugby event.

Asia Specific

Speaking about the Rugby teams for the World 2023, we cannot forget the Asia Specific teams.

In this case, the teams that are qualified for the World for Rugby are as follows:

  •         Fiji
  •         Tonga
  •         Papua New Guinea
  •         Samoa

Indeed, like all the other group stages, the Asia Specific group stage was also a competitive one. Out of which, the above top teams have come out victorious of the lot.

All in all, a total of 29 teams from 4 confederations will be taking part in this year’s Rugby World Cup.

Therefore, each of the nations is eager to win the current world cup where only the best team will win the same.

It all depends upon the level of determination and dedication each team is willing to put.

Wrapping Things Up

The quality and world-class teams for the Rugby World Cup 2023 are all mentioned above. Yes, almost all of the teams have secured their place after the qualification scenario. This clearly shows that the teams have potential and are eager to win the 2023 edition of the Rugby World Cup.

Looking at the other side and as fans, there are ample of official and other streaming options you can use for watching the matches online.

You can choose the option you like best and possibly watch the current Rugby World Cup, in a much more stress-free way. 

Australia vs Fiji Start Time, Date, Venue, and Live Stream Options

The 2022 Rugby League World Cup will be kicked off at St. James Park by England against Samoa. The tournament organizers have confirmed a revised schedule. It will begin on October 15th and conclude one year later with a final in Manchester with three headers.

This is an exciting game, and this short article is dedicated to bringing you information on the game to be played between Australia and Fiji. So here goes: 

What is the date, venue and time for Australia vs Fiji?

Date: Saturday, October 15th

Venue: Headingley Stadium (Leeds)

Time:  7.30pm

How to watch the Livestream of Australia vs Fiji game?

The major truth about any sports live stream is that it is always done through official channels. Now, these official channels are further broadcasted by many OTT apps. We will tell you the official live broadcasters for RLWC 2022 between Australia vs Fiji game here. So that you can check your OTT platforms. 

In Newzealand, Spark Sports is the official broadcaster. 

All plans include: 

  • You have access to many sports
  • Pause and rewind: Live it
  • You can watch it live or on-demand
  • A wide variety of devices are available
  • You can catch the action live at home or on-the-go

There are 3 subscription options on the offer: 

  • Monthly at 24.99 NZD 
  • Six months at 135 NZD 
  • Annual at 255 NZD 

You can watch live and on-demand sports on your phone or tablet at home. You can stream on various devices, including tablets and smartphones, connected TVs, computers, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Apple TV.

In Papua New Guinea, EM TV is the official broadcaster.

EMTV was owned previously by Nine Network Australia. This is where most of the shows, idents slogans, ads and slogans were sourced. It is a free to air channel; you would not require to buy its subscription. However, this channel might be accessed through certain OTT apps and cable networks. If you live outside Papua New Guinea, using a VPN to access it would make complete sense. 

In the United Kingdom, there are many official broadcasters to choose from

For people living in and around the UK, here are your options to watch the Livestream

  1. BBC – Everyone has it, subscription costs are nominal, and the quality is excellent. 
  2. Our League App: You can sign up for free; there are many options; it is best to explore all of them and purchase the one that would cater to the Australia Vs Fiji match. 
  3. Facebook Live: Yes, it’s not a joke! The match will be live-streamed officially on Facebook live. So, that would be your best bet to catch the game in action.