Rugby World Cup 2023 Match Officials/Referees

The Rugby World Cup 2023 is right around the corner and the fans are waiting for the cup to start off.

There are millions of fans who are waiting for the Rugby 2023 World Cup to start. Currently, the Rugby world cup is going to be held from 15th October 2023 to 19th November 2023. Indeed, the teams and players are practising really hard to showcase their talent at the current event.

Plus, there will be 16 teams that will take an active part at the Rugby World Cup 2023.

As far as the news for referees goes, we have got that information for you as well. Come along as we unwrap each of those details, one by one.

Rugby World Cup 2023 Match Officials/Referees

For the current World Cup, there have been different referees who will be present at the Rugby World Cup 2023 which are as follows.

  1. Grant Atkins

Speaking about one of the best match officials will bring Grant Atkins into the limelight. Over the years, he has given some spectacular decisions and is even looking to take that lead further.

Atkins debuted back in the year 2009 and since then, he has become a go-to referee at the World Cups.

He is looking forward to the present Rugby matches and is willing to be a part of such an amazing event.

  1. Robert Hicks

If you are looking for a match official that can deliver one of the finest decisions, Robert Hicks is the good name. Over the years, he has gained immense popularity among the teams and will look to take further that reputation.

He is among the most renowned match official in the current era and with that, it will be a treat to watch him at the Rugby World Cup 2023.

  1. Chris Kendall

Born on 3rd June 1982, Chris Kendall is a highly rated referee who is known for his quick decision-making abilities.  Right in the year 2019, Chris had a truly breakthrough year where he was appointed as a referee in several games.

He is experienced and will look to bring the same to the table at Rugby World Cup 2023 event.

  1. Ashley Klein

Born on 6th September 1979, Ashley Klein is also a match official that is truly highly rated. His very first professional game happened on the 8th of September, 2002 from where he rose to fame. Additionally, he was also in charge at the 2008 Rugby World Cup where he gave some of the fantastic decisions.

At the present, he is looking forward to be the match referee for the Rugby World Cup 2023 games in the best possible fashion.

  1. Liam Moore

Liam Moore is among the youngest referees who will be a part of the Rugby World Cup 2023. He was a touch judge in the consecutive Coral Challenge Cup finals at Wembley 2019 and 2019.

Additionally, he has hosted several games and is looking ahead for the rugby 2023 World Cup.

  1. Gerard Sutton

Born on the 23rd of October 1978 Gerard Sutton is among the vastly experienced referees at the 2023 Rugby World Cup. He is an Australian Rugby referee who has been brought up in South Wales, Australia.

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Wrapping up the article, detailing the 2023 Rugby World Cup Match officials are all given above. Every single match referee is a better one and it will be a treat to watch them at the World Cup.

Rest, as fans, you can either choose the online or even offline streaming options and watch the Rugby World Cup 2023, from your home comfort.        

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